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On Eating With an Up-turned Stomach

for Here, There, Everywhere!

This is just a little process, I decided. To make. For more than me.

If you like me, are a monster, and find yourself struggling to eat what it is you must, may this tutorial help you through your

  • Transition
  • Rough spot
  • Transformation
  • Learning curve
  • Something else turning your appetite into a traitorous foe

I hope, with it, you may find the joules that needed you tonight.



CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorShelves' Schwa
Tagsanalog, arc-rpg, Atmospheric, compilation, essay, Folklore, noblinjam, playground


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EIght Dreaded Doom, Alternative Edition.pdf -- noblinjam
The Keeper.zip -- BXLLET JAM 2 120 kB
I have since 2 April, Appendix.zip -- 2922 Manifesto Jam 87 MB
winter-2022.zip -- Trans Rage Jam 989 MB
Fail Wear.zip -- Undo Jam 9 MB

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jam: Here, There, Everywhere. Its a celebration Jam, for wendi yu's book! I… I'm scared… of exclamation points. In titles. I don't know why. But there's also I don't know, like, my favorite books? I haven't been able to read this book yet. I'm still. Finding my way through things. The premise makes me happy. And making a game for it instills in me a stronger desire to interact with a text. So what I make for it is mechanics-free. Meditative. Setting.

title: On Eating With an Up-turned Stomach

summary: healing spell for Here, There, Be Monsters. Low-stakes vingette. To eat whatever you find yourself able, perform this spell: being a body, having a plate and knowing putting what's on it away is for the best. It's not a particularly fun spell. Maybe it has its moments I hope it does. It let me share a thought and not be so without with it. So I'm happy it's found a place outside of me to be.

date: 25SEPT22

host: I feel like the monster tag has always been set on me, I know the word when it arrives later. The word monster just sort of found my life out of the box like a fitted piece, getting and naming me right. The love is in a place I like knowing exists. I am. I sleep in time. Events call me back. The world floors me. The ways I've found to manage, I try to package up in cute little sections, bend, and ways. Maybe I manage. Maybe. I made a thing.

opinion: I was having one of my rougher days. Or life was having me one. Or where I am was. Eating required instruction. This is a capture of one instance of that process. I still feel whatever's happening is running it's course or code or whatever. And I just need to eat, prepare for fall term, and save energy for some push ahead or other. Still love past me where I can. Still eat. This my sixth google doc publication. That bug where I cant add images from my device is not something that happens when I make documents on my phone instead. The text highlight function requires a character (not a space) to create a highlight, so I had to decorate the title text with dashes to see it make the box-shape I was after. The 2 pictures are monsters from me forever ago, sitting in the cloud somewhere.

I like how the recording was there for me. I turned it on to capture a dream I forget and forgo. It becomes this. I don't normally have the energy to transcribe. But I can't sleep rn, so I thought I'd try to make a piece of art and see if that got me tired.

I hope you find the stars that needed you tonight.

jam: noblinjam. I love the hosts submission. The drawings are lovely kits being undaunted. The community has had an energy-sucking year. So it's nice to see the host react to this in the jam page, eminding ppl to build no more than they might. I know the I Want My Hat Back person hasn't submitted their order to the jam. So I guess there's at least one person getting collages and layout just so. I type this sitting at a picnic table living out of a backpack on a device that won't keep a charge. I know I should just delete all the afterword text. But it's still in there, for better or worse. I'm attached to it. Exciting to see everyone's pieces.

title: Eight Dreaded Doom, Alternative Edition

summary: mechanic for arc. Hope doom. To slay the apocalypse, doom eight villain's hopes. Just exploring the patterns in the dice-less systems I've enjoyed coming across while my thoughts are still in the headspace of playgrounds. I make. It lets me get out of things for a minute or a thought. Do care.

date: 19JUN22

host: I feel like momatoes has always existed, though I know that not to be true. momatoes just sort of showed up one day like a Pacific storm, but setting and making everything right. The energy is in a place I like knowing exists. I visit. I leave for a time. Collages call me back. The website built for the game floors me. The accessibility settings are award deserving in their implementation. I am glad they got picked up and found the support they needed to release what feelings have been shared so far.

opinion: This is my first edited submission from another jam. I still feel whatever voice I have is getting on. Still not better?? But on. Still love me. Still like that forward. Still love the message. Is shaping something. Giving implosions their space is almost as simple as raising a wax net stringing lights and beading oils. This my first edit of a google doc publication. There's still that bug where I cant add images from my device. The last stimulant is still just going to have some snapshots of glitches and scribble doodles one day. I can still add images from the web tho. So there's those 2 pictures.

I like how the subtitle's context is a little obscured? It sounds like the original text is still out there but I accidently destroyed it when uploading this version with the same name.


 jam: Bxllet Jam! It's a mess of a world and you ain't out to fix it. I made a medic for the first bxllet Jam and shoved it in a satellite network of bullets raining from the sky like "really, it's the past you gotta worry about shooting you in the back". I love this setting. It's so loud. It reads like a dry heat.

title: The Keeper

summary: I made parts of this last season and parts here and there when Im trying to relax and go to bed. Trying to keep my words together. They scatter around. It's fine. I read Rxload. I think about this piece. I tuck in to type. Last night, as I finish what I like of it and see 1% charge left, the 360 lightning distant becomes fog immediate and winds 80 kmh. I crawl into my hammock. Under rainfly I am sleep. I wake something else. They start their day. They take the pieces on me to the library. They plug in to power. They type this, becoming me. A playbook. Communal. You are pieces of the one character. You all start with 5 bullets. Recharge bullets by using a Weak Move. These are pieces of the Keeper. The playbook calls the bullets Pieces. The keeper has an ailment the environment struck them with. Talk about this. Thank you for seeing me.

date: 08JUN22 

host: Rath engaged me, brought me in and kept me talking. Their posts move a fire in me I sit by. I dont have any sort of bxllet based material. It carries the Get Out spirit I developed from reading bxllet. And since their recent upload got me writing, it's going in their jam to get them some numbers. To you pawing through finding this asinine, hope your day does better. It's just something I think Rath would enjoy.

opinion: So the Keeper is built with the heart of bxllet, sure, but I still don't feel comfortable submitting something THIS FAR away from bxllet. It's a weird setting, so I liked writing it and I liked going back over it and tucking in a few more branches. It feels nice to pick up something you've shown like 1 person and change and reveal lifetimes or months later. Idk I'm conflicted. But it's fine. I'll submit it, "I am alive," to say or nothing else

 jam: 2022 Manifesto. Em started it. This is someone new, asking em and running off to go do a thing. Yay, juiced voices. If loud, with force is wrong it's a delight.

title: I have since 2 April

cw: ⚠️ this is a journal. Come back when you are in a better place. Do not engage with this resource to become tired.

summary: Floodscount. Pictures of pages in low light conditions. Words on decoupling survival from the economy. Moore's law of WMDs in a world of artificial scarcity like playing with fire + every year, there's only more fuel less any thing1 to put it in with. Labor qualifies "In My House" or "On This Table" maliciously employed in any sentence. I have since 2 April. A manifesto. I have since 2 April been told 4 times in 4 states my plates have been run. I have been told unprompted and at noon there is no camping allowed where I am. I have no tent. I have no car. I am just being told. I have passed the rebel flag on a pole at least once per day every day since 2 April. I have been told to my face as introduction by someone walking up to me and starting conversation my name would sound better if I switched my first and last names around. I sleep all day because that the time of day when it's decriminalized to do so. I listen to quartz poachers talk about car problems and pooping in the holes they've made on public land in order to deter visitors. I have 3 times since 2 April after days of silence watched white men arrive in ball caps on riding mowers on public land with public funds destroy whats in Pokèmon called Tall Grass and everything this symbolizes. Each time, I break camp. I leave. I do not get away.

date: 07MAY22 

host: Only a few months back, I discovered the manifesto jams as a full tool library. Pawing through crea like "is this really all available to check out and take with and hold in trade for my word in some form to return what I have taken at some later time?" I discover 2022s jam for these is running and know. I won't have more than gas station internet by the time submissions are locked. So I cannot do what I normally like to do with jams, which is feel through linked and put and set examples, find forms I want to try and emulating, and see what makes me. This time I post first read submissions later 😳😱

opinion: I love these little bricks people sculpt and kiln dry and throw. I once made a seed jar in the shape of a tree stump in pottery class. I kicked it at the side of the brick school after leaving class. It fell onto drainage rocks. I will later learn artists have these instructions they give to museums in how pieces are to be installed. I want to try and collect in a box all the pieces that tell the museum to throw the piece against the nearest wall as hard as they can.

jam: trans rage. There is not a game here that knows what it is doing there is not a game here that knows what it is doing. There is not a game here that knows what it is doing. Far away from enough to know. There tell alls play. Between lets and goes misremember some lore details. Something that could have caused decades of decay or alphavore. Stats are settings set behind a paywall of attention. I had ideas. To you, they reached where they got. Before I begin will never be said created already ending.  

title: winter 2022 

cw: loud ; angry ; ugly

summary: Through to people who hold you. documentary on inclimate. the Cooking. Shopping. Email cannot fully articulate it. PausingAl the woods. still Water. Ripht directions. picking Making a truth. wrong Turning around I can't Help but see something beautiful Here I that wish there was more. & by wishing there was more, creating something resonating as some a that happened. rather than more than possible. More than everything, same week of across town. And make you take on wait I enjoy both those experiences. Oh no I've water so much doing this my life. 

date: 10APR22 

host: excited to learn more about them. Found them through someone 5staring HikeBack. When I read …Needles and Kenzie's and Rath's, I wanted to land attention walk around in the space, see what making if. I'm glad they dialed back the yelling in the title. It's a small thing, but it made enough space I found welcome. Being and freezing and thresholding snow. I hole or expressions hold.

opinion: I once captured a day of work picking next-day shipping at a kitchen suppliers warehouse on my phone audio recorder. It's on an old hard drive and gone like that another sky a bird, found turning into left. It was fine. I don't know. I just got into it. Moved into somewhere, such shuffle on the music app. Fireworks footsteps the chunk of a recorder bagged and picking. There's life in parts. This the file needs removing clipping. Do not engage expecting. This is not trans nail polish jam.

jam: undo jam. There is not a lot of people here at the time. Great links, like always. Offer to focus on any one critical blip in the accelerated age's history. Something that could have caused decades of delay or a hard fork. I wasn't feeling well and wasn't going going to do anything for it. But then I thought of how I don't have a rig or any consoles atm. Just the phone. I thought, what if in school I made my phone. What if that was all there was to school? 12 years of making 1 device. This results.

title: Fail Wear  

summary: essay in changing games history. All curriculum focus a student on making their own computer, modules, and peripherals (like mouse, engine, drone LAN, solar water wheel, driveshaft, heat pump hookup, meal plan, social hour, veggie garden 3d printer and touchscreens). Graduating, you may live in the computer/camper/thesis/heart/home-elect/ion you have been building in all your classes for 12 years. You may park in any parking spot in city limits. Crashes electronics market (— No consoles No smartphones) Crashes housing market — (No homelessness No rent.) Internet providers become providential district municipalities akin to public libraries.

date: 20FEB22

host: found them when I first started hanging out on itch. When they were running a jam about tomorrow's games. Thoughtful and core and decelerated. Their website has a guest book, which is a kind of incredible I don't have words for, just feelings. Travel and comfort and tracks on the road. I like their jam page links and the way they turn questions into community.

opinion: I write with gesture type. I don't use undo or backspace. If a word came up, I had to use it out one of the three options in the suggestions bar. Wouldn't use autosuggestion. The waiting is how I sound in my head. It's not as A to B as essay gods. I'm not the strongest worder. Words fell. This tongue caught them.

jam: random game jam. I don't like the generators outputs. Like, at all. But I'm a sucker for all generators! So I keep rolling for something I like. And eventually get the above title text in an output. A title or premise I was not thinking about or anywhere around. This would not exist if that generator wasn't made. I love generators. One of the tables in the stimulants also uses some generated text.

title: Eight Dreaded Doom

summary: adventure for arc. Dawn doom. Just exploring the patterns in the mechanics-heavy system while my thoughts are in the headspace of playgrounds

date: 28JAN22

host: found them through someone I follow posting a game to the jam. I know I've heard of the company, but I don't know anything about them. They link to HyveMind, Treme, and Monkey Paw and Batts are offering prizes. So I feel more comfortable with them here. But they also link trad games calling them "the usuals", which uncomfortably normalizes those games for me. idk. Thems my feelings.

opinion: I feel whatever voice I have is getting on. Not better?? But on. I love me. I like the forward. I love the message. Is building something. Construction of the space is almost as simple as raising a silk net stringing beads and lighting incense. This my first google doc publication. There's a bug where I cant add images from my device. The last stimulant was just going to have some snapshots of glitches and scribble doodles. I can add images from the web tho. So there's 2 pictures.

I like how the title's context is a little obscured? It sounds like garbled text at first or then it duck-rabbits into a cozier comprehension.



This was gorgeous, thank you. 💚