I have since 2 April

Half way between where I’ve been and where I’m out to get, this trip through the routes of the American South, where I grew up, has been a healthy reset and will be an important reference to draw from later. I listened to a Norco spoilercast earlier this week and want to check that game out when I get back to the Pacific and tuck into studies and be in a place. I am not sure how I will be marrying environmental law and machine learning to generate a voice from and see personhood granted to as many bodies and masses and forests as possible, seeing land as yet another loved onne in need of Labor Protections. But I know I’ll be going into massive debt this year to have housing secured enough for the first time in my life and study how. I’m tired of just believing I can work full-time and study on the side like all those other ppl do and so well and just fine. I don’t know. It’s been 10 years. I guess it’s fair or earned to say I can’t, if there’s anything those two words together are for, it’s saying that.

And thanks.


I have since 2 April, Appendix.zip -- 2922 Manifesto Jam 87 MB
May 08, 2022

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