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d100 what color is the mayors sash generator table for osr play ~ via

d100 what color is the mayors sash

generator table

for osr play

by Philosophy AI[1]

w/ an afterward by the authør
& an introduction by the editør
cover: The Empress Josephine and the Fortune Teller, 1836 by Sir David Wilkie
[1] "an experiment in what one might call "prompt engineering", which is a way to utilize GPT-3, a neural network trained and hosted by OpenAI.
"GPT-3 is a language model. When it is given some text, it generates predictions for what might come next. It is remarkably good at adapting to different contexts, as defined by a prompt (in this case, hidden), which sets the scene for what type of text will be generated.
"Please remember that the AI will generate different outputs each time; and that it lacks any specific opinions or knowledge -- it merely mimics opinions, proven by how it can produce conflicting outputs on different attempts"
Murat Ayfer
d100 what color is the mayors sash was compiled between giggles, podcasts and cups of tea in 5 hours in response to this heartstrung plea: 


I skipped, like mb 15 generated entries (rambly or way off-topic) in total, so this is a v good bot you guys go make some stuff.
You can learn ab AI safety from these videos:


this newletter:


and many other places.
Okay, i think that's everything enjoy the list.
₋ₔ, editør

Introduction to the Infinite Edition

Happy birthday, r. rook! I know bots and especially bots' writing
is frowned upon in the world at large at present for good
reasons, but i get bots, yeah? I get they don't communicate well,
that only knowing how what is known relates to how it's known
ain't enough to write none. That they're rarely not hyper-racist
amalgamations of wrong in a society seemingly nefariously
designed to breed wrong-itivity. And i know this book won't
change that or nothing. It won't soften anybody's hate for them.

Hundreds of bots and i poured our hearts, compute and souls
into this list for 5 full hours. I read through each one, captured
the text and organized them so that they'd tell some sort of
story if anyone tried reading straight through for whatever
reason and then went and designed a cover and a shelf to make
them all pretty-like.

Okay, i think that's everything enjoy the list.

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AuthorShelves' Schwa
Tagsdeck, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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