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My laptop refuses to boot up anymore. So you get affordable phone camera images of pen and paper sketchups of ideas of game's. I'm going to replace design time and social media time both with reading time. at least for next 100 days. Life-like love. Bye.

The design of the page is neat. It's disorienting, chaotic, contained, concise, clean, stylish and, as at first glance, disorientating for years to come — just like health! So of course I had to work with it somehow, and this is as close as i could get it to mechanistic readability.

If you twiddle or build with any of the concepts here, let me play with what you think up!

We hope to see you again 🦋

Adapted from a blog post from a few years ago, itself adapted from an annual No Pokemon Centers run I do of Heartgold (typically, I can get to the Bird gym leader by the time I'm all out of PP and I'm using struggle until I black out, ending the run).



v 21.02 - back page update

I don't know how this happened.

There's a folding video now?

There's a back page now? It borrows its name format and overall structure from jared sinclair's So You Want To Be An Adventurer. So go get that. It does a thing.

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Aster Casts a Wish

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On one side, a fun game about talking with and caring for fellow pokemon. On the other, a vivid depiction of the ills haunting current pokemon healthcare.