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In this scenario, 5thnMae, a municipal algorithm suffering from everything from memory loss to data leaks, needs your help to return home. Explore a city of streets overrun with oak groves and parking lots commandeered by grassy knolls as you search for the elusive (and confused!) 5thnMae.

Two overworked loners Temmie and Tory each take themselves a day off from work to practice a little self care. As they walk about this city seeking the municipal algorithm who helped them both last night, they discover not only 5thnMae, but one another. Describe how the data leaks of this wild, keys-to-the-city (and to Temmie and Tory's personal data!) algorithm bring them closer together as they power through the embarrassment and get this troublesome algorithm back to its home where its memory ‒ and maybe more importantly its protections ‒ can be restored.


String of May is a scenario compatible with Golden Sky Stories i wrote for the #MatchmakerClericJam. Although this story stands on its own as entertaining play material, for its mechanics, it references both the core book as well as the Twilight Tales supplement. If you are bringing your own favored mechanics to this game, you will not need these reference materials to enjoy your time.

v1.0.1 spelling and grammar corrections. header modification.

Not an official Star Line Publishing product.
Golden Sky Stories is © Star Line Publishing.
About Star Line Publishing's Golden Sky Stories:
Golden Sky Stories is a heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game from Japan, by Ryo Kamiya. In this game, players take on the role of henge, animals that have just a little bit of magical power, including the ability to temporarily take on human form. You can be a fox, raccoon dog, cat, dog, rabbit, or bird, and each kind has their own special magical powers. Players will then attempt to solve problems around a small enchanted town with ingenuity, co-operation and friendship.

Golden Sky Stories requires one Narrator, 2-4 players, pencils and paper, and tokens to keep track of Dreams.

‒ Star Line Publishing
You can read more about Golden Sky Stories at the publisher's website, here: starlinepublishing.com/our-games/golden-sky-stories/


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