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Phase I: Play as a virus' strains changing from body to body (introduce yourself, explore an area, grow, find nothing left, fall dormant).

Just this once: explore changing bodies. Do not fear, do not panic, be curios, be detail-oriented, encompass desire, be beside yourself capturing with words and expression what is a scene of fire as but a mountain dressed in autumn leaves.

Phase II: Describe changing symptoms as the virus pilgrimages from one person into others as though the symptoms were changes in fashion: colorful dresses, silky suits, edible fascinators, wild penny loafers, deft blouses, fair cuff links.

You are you. Sick or well: be and know you are beloved.

For more information on how to break bad news to loved ones, please see the article|podcast Breaking Bad News written|produced by 99% Invisible.

For more information on the viral history of our dna, please enjoy the lecture The Viral Origins of the Placenta hosted by The Royal Institute.


Squisita Spedizioniere (o: V miei figliuoli in un’unica fossa)

Fase I: Gioca come un virus' ceppi di virus che cambiano da un corpo all'altro (presentarsi, esplorare un'area, crescere, non trovare nulla, cadere dormiente).

Solo questa volta: esplorare i corpi che cambiano. Non temete, non fatevi prendere dal panico, siate curiosi, siate orientati ai dettagli, abbracciate il desiderio, state accanto a voi stessi catturando con le parole e l'espressione quella che è una scena di fuoco come se fosse una montagna vestita di foglie autunnali.

Fase II: Descrivere i sintomi mutevoli come il pellegrinaggio del virus da una persona ad un'altra come se i sintomi fossero cambiamenti di moda: abiti colorati, abiti setosi, fascinatori commestibili, mocassini selvaggi, camicette abili, gemelli giusti.

Tu sei tu. Malato o bene: sii e sappi che sei amato.

Per maggiori informazioni su come dare cattive notizie ai propri cari, si veda l'articolo Breaking Bad News (Rompere le Cattive Notizie) scritto da 99% Invisible.

Per maggiori informazioni sulla storia virale del nostro DNA, vi invitiamo a seguire la lezione The Viral Origins of the Placenta (Le Origini Virali della Placenta) ospitata dal Royal Institute.

Tradotto con DeepL.com/Translator (versione gratuita)


Inspired by Exquisite Corpse
Ispirato da Cadavere Squisito


Please avoid this paragraph's linked example playthrough until you have enjoyed your own innovative and unique interpretation of the shyly different game's rules. Yep! This interpretive playthrough includes turns, reiterations, closing remarks and a play-by-play summary. It is provided for listening in part, but full listening should be fine. It is for those who, after six minutes, have enjoyed nothing of the game. It is in audio it is a video format it is my first recording it is on soundcloud, here, it is on youtube, here, a transcript is on txt.fyi, here.

game page: added tutorial screenshot; added 2 photos text body.

game page: added link (2-stage solo playthrough transcript [auto-transcribed by youtube])
game page: added link (further reading [Royal Institute])
v1.0.2 rearranged layout
game page: added links (2-stage solo playthrough audio [youtube] [soundcloud]), (further reading [99% Invisible] [Wikipedia])
v1.0.1 rearranged layout, incorporated cover into slip background, redesigned zenithizer
game page: added Italian translation (autogenerated by DeepL)


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