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I try to be louder and more vocal. It feels weird. Like exercise after years without it  Thank itch. Made this account for some jam and it was like "link your twitter" and i was like what twitter and twitter was like here's one you made when you were at school and  someone showed you how to ping addresses for their ip and use that to bypass the school firewall? And i was like well this place is loud. And then i was like, oh that's the idea. And then i was like super put off by the fae-as-fuqq off-with-their-head insert-slideshow-of-every-angry-person-youve-seen-in-your-life side of it. And then i left. And then i was like okay i feel a little better. And then i tried not being so loud and the algorithm was nicer to me and showed me less blood and more people making things. There's a median for me somewhere, but holy spit should navigating this shit be a whole semester and media test and licence issuance for 12-year-olds.

I don't have much in breath life going on. Last year i made 9k, but the stimulus checks helped me support some games and back some kickstarters and order some zines and replace my dead laptop. Felt good. This year i'm seeing digital coin as a rock and a hard place to stick us to change welfare so that it works as we intend.

More pictures now (80? oh a clip and a video). They're on scraps from a 5.25"x5.25" layout i was playing with, so, whatever the trim of that from letter is. Still trying to figure out how to hang out online in real time. Still terrified of chat rooms. Still terrified of talking into a microphone. I remember mom finishing up overtime getting me to order pizza to try to get me used to talking over the phone to people who haven't met me. Then last year at the er they were like call Linda on Monday and tell her your situation and she'll get the payments lowered. They're funny.

⚠️ This is a journal. If you don't have the energy to be in a private space with a person, take care of yourself, do not engage with this resource, find support and come back when you're in a better place. 

A lot of the thoughts in the notes were inspired by different maker groups orbiting itch and journalism, among them Memory Palace, our shortage of BIPOC ppl seeking public office, whuts , various take-care-of-your-trauma-or-it'll-take-care-of-you posts cycling online, you are having your desired effect, some little pico tarot deck that without my noticing somehow became my sole go-to deck for every time i play any analog game asking for tarot spreads, this sweet artist biodoc bbc squeezed in, some silicone mold idk, some webinar on a Ghana UBI test run, this guide to build and fuel cradle-to-cradle robotics, reby's coverage of 2Africa cable laying making it sound like the next Colleseum. Sorry the file's so big, i'll throw it up on drive for mobiles. Bye then


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