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This events neat! Thank you for organizing it. I've read a lot and learned about a bunch of communities. I'll look out for it next year. I'm glad I'm learning about it now.

I don't have much myself to say yet. Just reading and thinking and thanking.

I guess I can take a bunch of pictures of my notebook and post that as a submission to the jam? There's so much going on in this space, I feel like anywhere I dive I find a beautiful person somewhere being a thing and I love them.

Ok. That's it. Enjoy the book thanks


⚠️ This is a journal. If you don't have the energy to be in a private space with a person, take care of yourself, do not engage with this resource, find support and come back when you're in a better place.

A lot of the thoughts in the notes were inspired by different maker groups orbiting itch and journalism, among them Collabs, Nuts, Field Guide to Memory, ChicxulubDisk Horse: Off to the Races, You'll Find a Rainbow, that one story I think Rob Zachney shared ab their partner asking them what happens if the two sides ofa starcraft match just run into the middle of the map and picnic and hang out, Second Citizens, the "players pollution is the enemy, attacks by staring them in the face, and all the player's given are ways to pull harder from their local energy grid to burn more particle effects through their graphics cards" monsters of kojima's game, storm water research studies, Hyperobjects,  oh, and the "a thing and I love" above is pre-trained generated model speak from Janelle Shane's research into neural net oversell involving explorations into the alien value inherent in and dangers of mislabeling, anthropomorphizing and misidentifying modern gains in artificial intellence development.

Nice to meet everyone!

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