for pompous jam

thanks this is fun i like the games a lot

fixed! if you click "overview" it crashes the game pls don't do that

or if you do hit the browser's back button

okay enjoy the game bye


changed 2 quotes (same sources, just a few lines down the page each)

fixed 7 hyperlinks (most of them missing wikipedia links but fixed! 3 of them were text hyperlinks weren't exporting into the html folder. So i converted copies of those texts into bitmaps and then linked the text's bitmap to the url which seems to work after that found out if you change url frame to _self, that assigns a button to the text on export)

added 2  frames missing from the seed animation

changed the navigation from text to png buttons

added 3 dramatic background effects

corrected listed file size (weirdly, to fit it to the 1.2MB storage limit of floppy discs, i had to export it without any compression whatsoever in order to compress it from pdf lossless to pdf compressed and only then would it fit. I couldn't export it compressed and then compress it -- that was resulting in it ending up at 1.25MB)

overview works now it no longer points to okay.html and now points to index.html



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