I don't know what i made, but i know i like it a lot

I don’t think i’ve ever made a game i felt was my own before. Mb as a kid i made something of a system of play or ritual of scoot -> scan -> sketch or some sort of walk to a place in another tree from this tree way across the copse over here, but nothing for a long time that i thought really brought me out. Then this happened. This got me there.

Just to document it here, i will disclose that i am fighting back a lot to apologize. The apologizer in me is screaming to let write all the way it’s not and isn’t and won’t. That can’t happen here. Not for this. This is me. And it feels, just… it feels nice.

The actual play is straight me. I turned off the auto-correct. I turned my headphones to white noise over ocean waves. I turned off the spell checker. The grammar checker. The rightmaker. The dehandicapper. All of it. And i just played my game and typed as i played. I used the pictures i took and i translated those things like they were petroglyphs into beautifully meaningful and sequenced arrangement of steps. I got to the end of a segment (segments are these chapters jesse named “Rings”. It’s a good name for them. I’m exhausted!) and when i got back, i didn’t feel like continuing at the moment, so i put that game on pause. Further Rings might get posted later but not here, but not to the shelf. They’ll go on a forum or site somewhere else. omg i almost apologized ― no, this is me.

This one’s mine. I claim every hole in the instructions, every typo in the actual play, all of it. Self-portrait, y’all.




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Aug 20, 2020

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