Compatibility for Using In Palm Court's Wavelengths

v2.1 wrote up and fit to form some rules to make horizonizerites compatible with Palm Court’s Wavelengths if you like:

  1. Team Purple tics either box then rolls dice to determine emoji.

  2. You of team Pink must pick a number between 1-100 that expresses how this generated word-emoji pair makes you feel.

  3. Everyone on team Pink then agrees upon then guesses aloud a number.

  4. Team Purple guesses aloud whether that guess is higher or lower than your number.

  5. _Say your number. _

  6. Reward points:

    1. Team Purple guess right?

          1.  _1 pt._
    2. Team Pink guess within 10?

          1.  _2 pt._
    3.    ‘’             within 5?

          1.  _3 pts._
    4.     ‘’             on the dot?

          1.  _4 pts._


Goal: 10 pts.


horizonizerite-sticker-book-2.1.pdf 1 MB
Mar 24, 2020
horizonizerite.txt 19 kB
Mar 24, 2020

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